September 6, 2017




Why Energy Efficiency is So Important

There are many benefits to using less energy in your home.

Energy efficiency saves money. Improving the thermal characteristics of your home by having proper insulation and weatherization, buying up-to-date technologies and using up-to-date practices could easily save 20 to 30 percent of your home’s energy bills, and possibly much more. A properly insulated home will use less heating fuel and less electricity in the summer for air conditioning. Improved lighting and using CFL bulbs, energy star appliances and many other ways of reducing your electric load will decrease your utility bill significantly.  Across the country, Americans could save hundreds of billions of dollars by using more energy-efficient equipment and technologies

Some of the Common Problems Found in Homes;




                        ENERGY SAVER ROOF.

  • Missing insulation, especially in attics

  • Uninsulated crawlspaces

  • Leaky attic access

  • Air leaks, especially at doors and windows

  • Air leaks at recessed lighting

  • Unfinished, uninsulated basements

  • Dirty insulation = air leakage

  • Uninsulated rim joists

  • Using incandescent bulbs instead of the much more efficient CFLs

  • Lack of Energy Star appliances

                          SOLAR PANELS

Energy efficiency helps our local economy. Instead of importing natural gas and electricity from outside of your community, domestic and local companies can provide energy efficiency services and equipment.

Energy efficiency increases comfort.  Insulating and air sealing your home will help keep heat in your home during the cold months and cold in your home during the warm air conditioning months. A home that is insulated and air sealed properly will mean no more drafts, cold spots and rooms that are impossible to get warm. Likewise, in the summer your air conditioning will keep the house properly cooled.





 Energy efficiency is good for the environment.  Power plants creating electricity and our own home’s use of natural gas or heating oil causes pollution in the air and emissions of greenhouse gases that can contribute to the risks of global climate change. More than half of all greenhouse gases in the air come from power plants and the use of natural gas. By using less energy, you help fight global climate change. You also reduce the kinds of air pollutants that are unhealthy to breathe. Energy efficiency also reduces the amount of water power plants and factories need to use.












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